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How To Become A Member?
When you join SEPTA you are helping your community!
Your membership fee goes directly back to the students to help fund parent and staff education as well as wonderful programs and activities that benefit ALL the children of our District.

Who Can Join SEPTA?
Membership is open to any interested parent, family member, teacher, student,administrator or person who cares about Special Education issues and advocacy.

Interested? Signup is Easy!:

1) In person with anyone of our members and/or at anyone of our meetings. Ask for a Membership form or Download The Form Here

Please submit the form along with your payment of cash or check payable to "Malverne SEPTA" $8.00 (Individuals) $14 (Family)

2) Send in a membership application along with your membership fee with your child in a marked envelope Att: SEPTA Mailbox
SEPTA Membership Form
It's time to think outside the box!
We have been asking local businesses for donations, if you have a business or service and or would like to donate please contact us here or by email
[email protected]
It could be a product, service or a gift card, no donation is too small. When you donate everyone wins as this is a great opportunity to help raise money for SEPTA, shine in the community by showcasing your business, grow your clientele and most importantly
Reward Our Children.